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10 May 2018

Dana Chicko has come to appreciate the power of early intervention. After all, she says, it’s what has helped her son overcome a speech delay and develop into a blossoming preschooler.

“Every day it’s something new with this kid – in a good way,” said Dana, who’s quick to credit 3-year-old Alexios’ speech improvements to assistance her Lincoln Park family has received from two sister... Read more

Alexios and his family
10 May 2018

The first time Iris and Apollo Falconer enrolled their son, AJ, in a Roseville Community Schools program, it proved too much for the boy with autism spectrum disorder to handle.

He would become overwhelmed and melt down, and after five days, the Falconers had to withdraw him from Early Childhood Special Education in Roseville for a similar but more specialized program affiliated with... Read more

Picture of Apollo looking in a mirror, wearing a hat
06 Feb 2017

Throughout Michigan, education programs and resources that enhance learning are available for most young children. Through public school districts, special education support and services for preschool-aged children with a developmental delay or disability are available for those who qualify.

Communication is key, experts say.

“My best advice is to visit your child’s school to... Read more

Young Girl with Down Syndrome Playing on a Playground
06 Feb 2017

When bringing up the subject, family members or friends should “think of the range of reactions they might be greeted with,” Rispoli said. “Some parents might feel relieved that others noticed what they were thinking. But for many parents, it can be a shock.”

Considering the emotion surrounding the topic, and to avoid alienating parents or heightening their anxiety, Fitton and Rispoli... Read more

19 Jan 2016

Detroit Free Press Article Published 11:13 a.m. EST January 19, 2016

When Jessica Goettes' son struggled learning to speak as a toddler, she knew she needed to act early.  As a longtime teacher in West Bloomfield School District, Geottes fully appreciated how early intervention in the face of learning delays can make a world of difference for a child. (... Read more


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