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Thrive From Home Resources

Preschooler Missing Milestones?

At-home learning resources, now available.

Thrive From Home Resources

Thrive From Home is here to help parents and caregivers across Michigan provide preschoolers (ages 3-5) with essential skill-building activities using resources and materials recommended by experienced state educators. Find the right video, activity or support resource for quick, easy ways to work with your preschooler at home.

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Thrive From Home Program Overview

Concerned that your child is
experiencing delayed learning?

  • Communication
  • Gross Motor
  • Literacy
  • Science
  • Fine Motor
  • Independence
  • Math
  • Social-Emotional
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A Boy learning to jump from one step to another

Move like an animal – Gross Motor

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A boy and a Buildup coordinator pointing at grass

Fun with science – Science

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A boy and a woman looking down

Communication is key – Language

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A BuildUp coordinator zipping a boy's zipper sweatshirt

Nimble fingers, nimble toes – Fine Motor

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A BuildUp volunteer helping a girl read a book

Every trick in the book – Literacy

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A boy putting his finger in a plate of white sand for special needs learning

The write stuff – Writing

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A special needs BuildUp coordinator helping a child with Maths by using small blocks

Do the math! – Math

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An animated scene with two children and a comic animal wearing a red and white hat looking at building blocks

Cat in the Hat Shape Hunt Adventure Activity

Colorful background and "30 Oh-So-Cool Science Experiments For Pre Schoolers" written on it

Preschool At-home Science Experiment Ideas

Visit https://handsonaswegrow.c...
An object spilling liquid violet color in the background and "20 Science Projects For Preschoolers" written over it

Preschool At-home Science Experiment Ideas 2

6 containers with Red, Orange, Yellow, Violet, Blue, Green colors in it and "1 Basic Slime 3 ways to make it epic" written over it

Fluffy Slime Experiment with Video

Two square boxes containing a lollipop and gummies packet in each

Snack-time Visual Support Cards

Download PDF
Six images forming an infographic about washing the face

Small Steps Visual Support Card

Download PDF
An educational infographic about ways to elicit language development

Language Development Guide with Visual Aid Card

A girl child sitting on a man’s lap and reading a book

Speech and Language Activities

Visit https://www.readingrocket...
Chris Kratt from Wild Kratts talking to a zebra with a PBS logo on the right bottom corner

Wild Kratts Baby Buddies App

"Move to learn" written on books and "Shape shifting Pre-K" written as a headline on the bottom

Pre-K Shape Movement Video

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Pediatric Therapy Logo with five animated kids holding hands and "Pediatric Therapy Network” written below it

Movement Practice with Tape Lines - Video

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“Animals in Action” written on a blue background and animated animals on all the corners forming a frame

Animals in Action Video

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Infographic about moderate intensity exercises, muscle strengthening activities and bone strengthening activities

Physical Activity for Preschoolers Guide

Download PDF
An animated image of two boys talking and an animal beside them

Ready Jet Go Chores Video

A girl child brushing her teeth looking at an adult doing the same

Age-by-age Life Skills Activities List

Visit https://www.familyeducati...
A fluorescent yellow paper with 5 white box-shaped papers pasted on it and stickers and a scissor scattered around for education

Kids’ Weekly Refrigerator Planner Activity

Daniel Tiger looking at his reflection on a Bathroom mirror

Daniel Tiger Bathroom Self-Care Game

A special needs Build Up coordinator and a boy child cutting yellow papers with scissors

Super Why! Twinkle Letters Activity

Face of an animated boy reading a book and “Reading rockets launching young readers” written in the background as a headline

Roots of Reading Video Series

Visit https://www.readingrocket...
A child sitting on an adult’s lap and reading a book

Strategies to Help Children Learn New Words

Three photo frames containing an eye mask, the letter M and a striped red and green glove, one in each

Sesame Street Letter Museum Activity

A Painting in the background and a brush dipped inside bowl of color

Trace Words Chalk Writing Activity

A special child’s fingers picking up play toys on a table

Fine Motor Skill Activities

Download PDF
Sketch of a child and house and scenery on its back and “How many chickens do Peg and Cat need to get back into the coop?” written on the top

Peg + Cat Chicken Coop Counting Activity

A boy and a girl playing with grains at the dining table and a Build Up coordinator helping them

Daily Math Tips

An Animated panda face on a white background

Circle Shape Crafts and Activities

Play toys scattered around and a special child’s hand in the background

Math in the Mail At-Home Curriculum

Visit https://www.mathinthemail...
A drawing of Red Bug with black patches on it

Count Ladybug Spots Hands-On Activity

A child playing with a ball and “Ball Skills: Teaching kids how to throw & catch” written on the side

Teaching Kids How to Catch and Throw a Ball

Visit https://theinspiredtreeho...
A Build Up special needs child cartwheeling in a garden

Gross Motor Skills for Pre-schoolers, Parent guide

Visit https://empoweredparents....
Shapes drawn on the street and “Shape Hopscotch” written on the side

Shape Hopscotch Game

Visit https://creativefamilyfun...
A twelve image collage and “35 Gross Motor ACtivities for on-the-go school goers” written in the center

List of Gross Motor Skill Activities

Visit https://handsonaswegrow.c...
A playroom in the background and “simple indoor gross motor activities for preK and K” written in the center

List of Indoor Gross Motor Skill Activities

Visit https://www.themeasuredmo...
“Math” written in the center and mathematical symbols around it for special needs children

Preschool Math Activities List

Alphabet exercise and letters A to M written in big fonts

Alphabet Excersizes

Download PDF
An Animated animal conducting an experiment and three colored test tubes on the front

PBS Science Ideas by Age

 An Animated child and a real old man dancing, an image from the ‘Move with me’ video from The Learning Station

Move with Me Video

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Marvel Avengers’ logo which is an “A” written in Red and a Red circle around it

Move Like an Avenger Video

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A child wearing a red hat looking sideways

Fine Motor Activities List

Sketch of a special needs Build Up coordinator asking a child, “what do you want?”

Develop Speech and Language Activities List

Visit https://www.icommunicatet...
“Children’s Museum Virtual Activities” written on a blue background

Children's Museum Virtual activities

Visit https://findachildrensmus...
Six animated children making six different faces and “Thrive From Home” written at the top

Emotions Card

Download PDF
A special child’s finger smudging red color on a paper indicating art therapy

Indoor Sensory Games

Visit https://www.understood.or...